In what has become one of my guilty pleasures, I would like to wish you a happy national Treat Yo’ Self Day!

There’s something sinful, silly and fun about taking a whole day to treat yo’ self, and I love it!

As women, we naturally take care of others. It’s important to also recognize the value in honoring and taking care of ourselves.

But what if you’re trying to be good with your money? Do you have to nix this quirky day of indulgence in favor of financial responsibility?

No. Absolutely not.

In this case you can have your cake and eat it too—literally!

Here are six easy ways to enjoy this feel-good day without breaking the bank.

  1. Start the day right with fancy coffee fix ($5)
    Almost every piece of saving money advice I’ve seen starts with your $5/day coffee habit. Well throw caffeinated caution to the wind today and treat yo’ self to this little cup of bliss to put a smile on your face and get your day started feeling fancy. #pumpkinspicelatte
  2. Turn up the tunes ($0)
    Music has the ability to shift our moods in a hot second. Take advantage of this, and put your favorite playlist on auto-repeat. Jam away while you treat yo’ ears to some good beats.
  3. Stroll in the sun ($0)
    Don’t overlook the simple pleasures that make life sweet. Carve out 20 minutes today to stroll through your local park or take a brisk walk in the sun. Close your eyes, feel the sun’s warmth on your face, take a few long, deep breaths, and soak up the feeling of being alive. You just treated yo’ self to an instant mood lift. Free of charge. Cha-ching!
  4. Call an old friend ($0)
    Many people come in and out of our lives, but only a few really touch our souls. Take time today to touch base with a soul friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up. Shoot the shiz. Laugh for no reason. This is what life’s all about. You’ll walk away with a warm feeling in your heart, and if that ain’t treating yo’ self, I don’t know what is.
  5. Impromptu dinner party ($20 limit each)
    Dinner parties don’t have to be a thing… that just makes my shoulders stiffen thinking of preparation and stress. The beauty of an impromptu dinner is it allows forgiveness from everything having to be perfect. Let’s be honest, are your most memorable meals ones where the table linens were just right, or ones where you shared stories and meaningful conversation over food? Drop a same-day invite for anyone available, ask everyone one dish ($20/person limit), and enjoy an evening of good company and memories made.
  6. Sleep in – guilt free! ($0)
    Technically we’re rolling into the next day on this one, but why not?! You can treat yo’ self however you want! After the last dinner guest has left from your impromptu dinner party, and you head off for bed, turn off your alarm clock, put your phone on silent, and enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep. Before jumping in to errands and your to do list the next morning, take a few last moments to linger and appreciate all they ways you treated yo’ self.

Now get out there, and make it happen! I wish you a joyous and guilt-free day of treating yo’ self all day.

You are worth it!

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