In today’s world of the World Wide Web, there are now more unique places than ever to find online shopping deals for almost any find—from clothing and accessories to furniture, electronics and more. Savvy shoppers know you almost never have to pay full price for anything these days. The secret… is knowing where to look. 

These seven sites are worth your time if you are in the market to find online shopping deals your friends will envy.

  1. ThredUP calls itself the Internet’s largest online consignment and thrift store, and it’s easy to see why. ThredUP has thousands of deals that include a mix of high-end and everyday brands to meet every price point. 

You can shop for designer items and items with new tag still on. One way to find the best deals is to sort by price Low > High. You might be able to get deals as much as 90% off your favorite brands. And if an item doesn’t work for you, ThredUP will provide a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping return label for you to return your item for a full refund, minus a $1.99 restocking fee.

  1. Unclaimed Baggage

Have you ever wonder what happened to those bags you see sitting at the airport waiting to be picked up, but the owner never comes? 

While more than 99.9% of checked bags go home with their owners, a small percentage remain unclaimed. After an extensive 3-month tracing process, these orphaned bags (a fate realized by less than 0.03% of all checked luggage) are given a second life by Unclaimed Baggage who carefully inspects all items, turning about ⅓ of lost items into treasures to be resold, donating supplies to charitable organizations (On average, for every item sold, an additional item is donated to someone in need), and recycling contents that can not be salvaged for reuse.

Until recently, this has all been done in a brick-and-mortar warehouse in Scottsboro, Alabama, but this year, Unclaimed Baggage opened its online store.

It’s a treasure hunt, to be sure, but you can find some good deals on all sorts of finds, including electronics, apparel, and accessories if you’re up for the hunt.

  1. The RealReal 

If you’re looking exclusively to find online shopping deals for designer items, The RealReal is a luxury consignment store where you can find high-end pieces without the high-end price tag.

This curated marketplace offers luxury items in fashion, fine jewelry, watches, fine art and home decor. 

You can feel confident knowing you are purchasing through a company that champions quality and craftsmanship with authenticated pieces. And feel good knowing your purchases support a sustainable culture by extending the lifecycle of items.

  1. FB Marketplace

Sites like Craigslist still have their place for buying and selling used items in your local community, but these days Facebook Marketplace has made the buy/sell experience much more user friendly, and people are flocking here to sell used items.

This site is good for things like furniture finds, home decor, sporting equipment, and unique items, where you can score quality items that are looking for a new home. Think of this like an online garage sale… If you are looking for a specific item, this might not be the site for you, but if you are open-minded, you can have luck finding quality items at good prices.

  1. Brad’s Deals 

Brad’s Deals is essentially an online guide to the best daily deals on the internet. With relationships with more than 2,500 leading retailers, including Target, Amazon, and Dell, this site even offers exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for apparel, electronics, home goods, travel, or personal finance there is something for you.

  1. Amazon Outlet

Amazon has made it easy for bargain-hunters looking to find online shopping deals in the Amazon Outlet storefront.

They’ve gathered all their markdown listings, closeouts, and overstock deals in one place, so you can shop for deals without having to hunt and peck through their entire site.

This is a fun way to browse bargain bins and find deals on pretty much anything your heart can desire–even things you didn’t know you desired until you saw them! 😂

  1. Patagonia’s Worn Wear

Major brands like Patagonia are helping reduce landfill waste by getting in on the resale market. Patagonia is known for quality when it comes to outdoor and sporting clothes, and Worn Wear is their division that helps extend the life of its products while offering customers discount deals.

True to their sustainable commitments, they clean items without water, utilizing CO2 technology so that clothing comes out clean and with fewer impacts on our natural resources compared to home laundering. 

If you need a new ski jacket or seasonal outdoor gear, you might want to check this site out!

Finding a deal doesn’t have to be a painstaking search for coupon codes and waiting for a sale. Bookmark these seven sites as your go-to resources for when you are in the market for a new purchase and want to grab a killer deal.

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