Looking for fun ways to spend time with your man without setting either of you back on your budgets? Whether your artsy, sport or romantic, there’s an idea here for you!

  1. Get lost in conversation
    Get to know each other on a deeper level with a round of TableTopics. Pour some wine, set out a cheese platter and settle into an intimate evening with these thought-provoking questions.
  2. Watch the sunrise/sunset
    Take in the beauty and wonder of one of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts to us. Drive to a scenic place with a thermos of coffee, cider or wine and enjoy the view.
  3. Beer and pub games at your local dive bar
    Keep it low-key with a bottle of beer and pool, darts, shuffleboard at your local dive bar. Keep score. Whoever wins gets to pick the next date, or….
  4. Get artsy at your local museum
    Museum passes can normally set you back a bit, but keep your eye out for free or discount days most museums offer or check your local library to see if they offer passes. Or see if your museum hosts any after-hours events!
  5. Explore a local hike
    Skip your go-to hike, and branch out to try a new route. The great outdoors, fresh air, and endorphins will make you both feel good.
  6. Get your dessert on at your favorite swanky restaurant
    You don’t need to spend big bucks to enjoy the vibe of your favorite fancy-schmancy place. Head to the bar and enjoy a glass of prosecco and dessert for a fraction of the cost of a full dinner.
  7. Picnic in the park
    Pack a picnic with snacks, wine, music and a blanket and head to your favorite park, beach, or even your backyard. Soak in the sun and enjoy the chill vibe.
  8. Practice ancient art of Kama Sutra
    Light some candles, and set the mood for intimacy. Try The Little Black Book of Kama Sutra.
  9. Visit your dream house
    Check Craigslist for a list of open houses or estate sales and have some fun exploring. Get inspired for your future!
  10. Get creative in the kitchen
    Find a recipe that you normally wouldn’t dare tackle and take on the challenge as a team. Sweet-potato ravioli or homemade sushi are a few ideas that will get you out of your culinary comfort zone and working together.
  11. Rent a classic movie + popcorn
    Choose a silver-screen classic like Casablanca or Roman Holiday Top 100 classic movies to see. Make your own healthy popcorn with this microwave popcorn maker.
  12. Play tourist in town (selfie stick optional)
    People travel from far and wide to experience the place where you live. Check out our local Visitors Bureau and spend an afternoon exploring your town’s attractions.
  13. Make and share your bucket list
    Sit down together, and each write your own list of things you want to do, places you want to see, experiences you want to have before you check out of this life. Share your lists with each other, and find one thing on each list you can do together. Then do it!
  14. Play strip poker
    Get silly. Have fun with it. There are no real losers in this game. 😉
  15. Play tennis
    Get rackets on the cheap from a thrift store and then head out to hit some balls.  
  16. People watch
    Plop yourselves on a bench in a busy area (park, airport, outdoor mall) and marvel at how many different types of people there are in this world. Create backstories for strangers passing by to test your storytelling skills.
  17. Sing your a$$ off at karaoke
    This one might require a little liquid courage for some. If you make it on stage, you’ll get the confidence boost of putting yourself out there and a good story to brag about at the office water cooler.
  18. Test your combined smarts at trivia night
    Type “trivia night” in Yelp to find a bar near you where you can go to put your cultural knowledge to the test.
  19. Volunteer together
    Check out VolunteerMatch.org or Google search for your local food bank or homeless shelter. Giving feels good, and giving together feels better.
  20. Cheer on your hometown sports team
    You can often get cheap game tickets for major sports teams. San Francisco Giants have $10 tickets. You won’t have home plate views, but you will have a lot of fun if you go for the experience. Or attend your local high-school football game for free. Nostalgia and the passion of youth will leave you with warm fuzzies.
  21. Independent/foreign film night
    Support the arts and broaden your cultural horizons. Go to a local, independent coffee shop after the film to discuss over espresso. How sophisticated.
  22. Give open mic night a chance
    Whether comedy, music or improv, discover local talent without forking out a ton. Even if the jokes don’t crack you up, you can laugh at the experience. 🙂
  23. Double or triple-date for double or triple the fun
    More can be merrier. Host a double or triple date by inviting your favorite couple(s) over for a potluck dinner & game night.
  24. Try Geocaching for the thrill of the hunt
    Geocaching is a free scavenger hunt that will get you out and exploring. Give it a try at least once. You never know—you might get hooked.
  25. Go on a bike ride
    Explore your town with pedal power. If you don’t own bikes, rent some from a local bike shop!

So get out there and get cozy with your boo. Share your favorite date idea in the comments below!

25 Fun Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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